SkySwitch uses a highly customizable ticketing system for managing external and internal tickets across different queues or categories.

All resellers are required to process support requests and questions thru our ticketing system for tracking and accountability between the companies.

SkySwitch utilizes two primary ticket queues; Support & Ports

The 'Support' queue is the default and catch-all ticket queue. Our Support staff is qualified to assign or escalate any question which may arise within this queue. 

The 'Ports' queue is primarily for LNP requests or questions, port out notices, CNAM (Outbound Caller Name Storage), DL (Directory Listing) and special order DID requests.

Groups - The key to Linking your company and staff together in Tickets

Each Reseller's company is set up under a unique Group in the ticketing system. After that, each Reseller staff's unique email address is added to the Group. 

Note: For a Reseller staff member who utilizes more than one email address, each of their email addresses must be added to the Group.

Staff Member Options - Ticketing Email and Queue

As a member of a Group, each staff member has options available to them with regards to what communications they receive and can view.

Choices for Ticketing Email Communications
  1. A staff member can choose to receive Email communications on all tickets within its included Queue(s) opened by any Group, staff member.
  2. A staff member can choose only to receive Email correspondence on tickets they created. The staff member still can view all tickets opened by any Group or staff member within their Dashmanager under 'Tickets' if they are a member of the Queue (Dashmanager access is required by the member).
Choices for Ticketing Queue Memberships
  1. A staff member can be included in both the Support and Ports ticket queue.
  2. A staff member can be included in either the Support or Ports ticket queue.
Note: You must have an active Dashmanager users account to set your queue and email communication options.

How to set your communications preferences:

Within your DashManager panel > mouse over your avatar to display the menu items and click Profile (See sample UI screenshot below)

Click on 'Profile'

From within the 'Overview' tab of your profile management panel you can select or change your communications options (see image below).

Note: For the changes to take effect you must click 'Update' when finished.

Opening Tickets

A staff member can open a ticket with SkySwitch in one of four ways:

  1. As a Dashmanager User by selecting 'Tickets' under their Profile Menu and selecting 'New Ticket' within the self-service portal. The Dashmanager User must have access rights to 'Trouble Tickets'. All tickets open thru the Dashboard will be created within the Support queue.
  2. Send an Email directly to either '' or ''. Upon receipt, a ticket within the respective queue will be created, and you should receive an automated reply message.
  3. The SkySwitch Control Tower is available by telephone Monday through Friday from 8am-8pm Eastern Time. Call us at 747-777-8102. If nobody is available or if you are calling after telephone support hours, please leave a message. We will open a ticket for you and reply by email with status updates. Service affecting issues are always handled expeditiously and will receive a return phone call.
  4. You can also reach the SkySwitch Control Tower by support chat from the Reseller Dashmanager. Support technicians are available by Support Chat Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. through 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time.
  5. Our ticketing system only allows file uploads up to 10Mb. If you need to upload a file that is larger than 10Mb, you can navigate to and upload your file there. Our Support Team will be notified of the upload as soon as it completes. Please specify the related ticket number in the comments.

For additional support information click: Getting Support