SkySwitch is in the progress of an official Interop with Allworx, and future development is required from Allworx to ensure full compatibility between SkySwitch and Allworx. However, Allworx is ready for use with SkySwitch with minor workarounds.

Registered SIP Trunk

In 2017 Allworx introduced support for non-FQDN domain names, but a release between 2017 and 2019 caused non-FQDN names to write error logs each time they attempted to Register. By default, SkySwitch uses low registration times for NAT and failover. The low registration timers cause frequent writing to Allworx error logs. Allworx plans to re-implement support for non-FQDN domain names, but we do not have an ETA at this time.

The work-around

In order to slow the writing of the DNS query errors to Allworx error logging:

  1. After creating your trunk, submit a ticket to SkySwitch Support to increase the Registration Expiry timer to 3600.
  2. Set up Port forwarding and forward both SIP and RTP Port ranges for the Allworx PBX. These are the local ports that are defined inside of Allworx.
    1. You can set your port forwards to only allow SkySwitch IP Addresses.

The Allworx PBX will still write error logs on the DNS Query attempts, but only once an hour.

Registered SIP Trunk Example

Use the image below as a guide to configuring an Allworx PBX to connect to a SIP Trunk configured in the PBX Portal. The outbound Proxy field should contain your Reseller ID: [resellerid]

Static IP SIP Trunk Example

The settings for static SIP trunks are the same as the Registered SIP Trunk example. Simply uncheck 'SIP Registration' required and omit the Login ID and Password in the box below that setting.

Allworx would need to be able to accept traffic from each of our nodes. You can add our IP addresses as trusted IP's on the Allworx PBX by adding additional SIP Trunks with the IP addresses of additional nodes.

Find Me/Follow Me and Transferring off-net

In order for these features to work, you may need to turn off SIP REFER on the SIP Trunk. We will accept INVITES from the Allworx PBX for these calls.