Tenfold is a third party service that can connect our PBX to 35 different CRM systems.

As of Sept 31, 2018, we regret to inform you that our integrated CRM partnership with Tenfold is ending due to changes in their channel program. We intend to work diligently to provide a smooth transition between end-users and Tenfold's new sales and support policies.

Below are the terms of the negotiated transition arrangement. 

  • SkySwitch is unable to accept any further orders for Tenfold subscriptions.
  • Our contract has been extended through 2/28/2019
  • Existing Tenfold User Pricing and Terms will remain in effect until 2/28/2019
  • All current and future Tenfold sales pipeline opportunities are to be introduced directly to Alex Wettreich alex.w@tenfold.com for product demonstrations, pricing, and contractual agreements.

New Pricing Effective 3/1/2019

  • Contact your Sales Representative for pricing details.
  • Pro Tier Only
  • You will be responsible for communicating directly to Tenfold your customers' wishes for termination of the service or an earlier transition to Tenfold's new pricing and support model prior to 2/28/2019

The silver lining behind this announcement is that we are actively pursuing an alternative 3rd party CRM integration partner to provide similar or even better seamless screen pop functionality. We are in discussions and hope to make an announcement prior to the end of 2018. 

You can check the integrations they offer at this website.  https://www.tenfold.com/integrations

If you have any questions or require additional information, feel free to reach out to me for a quick call and discussion. Email at jayson.jones@skyswitch.com or call 858.605.0313.

For more information on Tenfold please visit https://www.tenfold.com/ and ask for a demo.