VSaaS Secure Customer Portal Login Page

Once completing your branding for VSaaS your customer's will then have access to your VSaaS sub-domain. Below is the VSaaS Secure Login Page.

You will set your customer's username and password when initially adding your customer. The customer will use that username and password to login

to the VSaaS Customer Portal. The customer has options in case they have forgotten their password and username. The customer can also download

the VSaaS mobile app by clicking on the Google Play or App Store icons at the bottom of the page. Lastly, the customer can read the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Once, logged in the customer will be taken to the Timeline (Main Page). It will also display one of the initial cameras.

Under the Customer's Account Name (upper right) there is a drop down menu that provides the customer with account management.


On the Upgrade link, the customer can see their current plan and the Reseller's contact information under

billing inquiries. The customer will then contact the Reseller if in fact, they want to upgrade.


On the Schedules link the customer will able to manage the following:

  • Notifications - The customer can add or remove email addresses for motion detection or camera health check alerts.
  • Schedules - The customer can create a schedule for motion detection.
  • Manage Users - The customer can manage users who have access to the customer's cameras.


The Settings link simply brings you to the same page as the Schedule link, please see above.

Add Camera

From the Cameras page, the customer can add additional cameras.

Turn Cameras Off

The customer can turn off all his Cameras by clicking the Turn Cameras Off link and place a red display note on the Timeline page (see below).

Sign out

The customer can also Sign Out from the portal.

Live Pop Out Window

From within the Timeline Video Window, the customer can click on the pop-out icon to pop out a LIVE smaller window of the video feed.


Also, from within the Timeline Video Window, the customer can click on sound for that camera which will allow the customer sound from the camera.

Full Timeline Window

From with the Timeline Video Window, the customer can click the Full Window icon to view a full window.

Timeline Video Window Camera Settings

By clicking on the settings icon from within the Timeline Video Window, the customer can then control the camera's Motion, Pan and Tilt

and Image Settings.

  • Motion Detection

    The customer can setup Motion Detection Regions (4) based on Sensitivity and Threshold. Please see this Amcrest doc
    for more information (the camera may not be your camera but the doc is still informative on setting Sensitivity and Threshold.
  • Pan and Tilt

    The customer can also operate Pan and Tilt by clicking on the Pan and Tilt link from Settings from within the Timeline
    Video Window.
  • Image Settings

    The customer can set Image Settings of the Timeline Video Window, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and Sharpness.

LIVE View and Recorded Video

The customer can click on the LIVE button to view the live video feed from the camera or to the left change what camera they want to view. The customer can see a timeline of recorded video based on their plan, 1 hour, 6 hour, 12 hour, or by clicking on Calendar and viewing recorded video back to the beginning of their recording window again based on their plan.