Add Customer

To add a new Customer click on Create User

Complete the Create User Form

Billing for the Reseller BEGINS the moment you complete the Create User Form with the Selected Plan and Quantity of Supported Cameras for your customer.

After completing the form click Save Changes.

Managing your customer

Click anywhere on the customer entry in the Manage Cameras home screen to open the Customer Profile page.

You will manage the aspects of the Customer on the Customer Profile page:

  1. Username: IMPORTANT - Customer Username CANNOT be changed after the customer has been added.
  2. Customer Email: IMPORTANT - Customer Email Address CANNOT be changed after the customer has been added.
  3. Register Date: Displays the date the customer was added.
  4. Last Visit Date: Displays the date and time the customer last accessed their customer portal.
  5. Domain Information: this displays your SkySwitch VSaaS sub-domain which resolves as your VSaaS Customer Portal.
  6. Cameras Tab: This Tab will display all cameras that have been added to this particular customer and the camera information. You also can
    add cameras and manage camera labels from here. See How to Add a Camera.
  7. Plan/Payment Tab: This Tab will display this particular customer's current plan and quantity of cameras and gives the Reseller the ability
    to change the customer's plan and or camera quantity. Billing to the Reseller is effected immediately upon any changes made on the Plan/Payment Tab.
  8. Guest Users Tab: This Tab allows the Reseller to add Guest Users to the customer's account.
  9. Delete User: At the bottom of the Customer Profile page, the Reseller can Delete the customer from the system and Reseller Billing would end immediately upon deleting the customer.