As a Reseller the suggested best practice, whether you purchase cameras from the SkySwitch Store in the Dashmanager or you purchase your customer's cameras elsewhere, is to ship the cameras to your office and pre-configure your customer's cameras before they are installed.

For best results, a factory default is required and connected to a wired connection to your network before adding the camera.

This information is to show you that there are 3 different ways on how to add cameras. for instructions on how to set up cameras, click this link.

3 ways to add a camera:

Compatible cameras:

Adding cameras through your Dashmanager
  • Login to your dashboard and go to "Manage Cameras" Tab.
  • In "Manage Accounts" choose your desired Customer.        
  •  In the "Account Profile" locate the add Camera Button.        
  • Add your desired camera.

Adding a camera through the Web Application.
  • Go to your CamCommand URL and login with your customer's login.         
  • Click "Let's add a Camera".         
  • Add your desired Camera.         

Adding a camera through the Mobile Application.
  • Open your mobile app and login with your Customer's login.         
  • Press "Add Camera".         
  • Add your desired Camera.