When you need to report a PBX call completion, routing or quality problem, we require a call trace to expedite the troubleshooting process.

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Note: See 'Support Ticket Details' for additional information on how to open a Support ticket in 'Getting Support'. This is the best practice for a timely resolution. A call trace is extremely helpful but a lot of times not enough information for us to replicate the problem.

1. Within 'Manage PBX' find the associated 'Call History' record and click the 'Trace' link.

Note: The Call Trace option is available in the Call History page of the Reseller UI. You must be logged-in using your Reseller credentials to view call traces. Other scoped users, such as Call Center Agents, Office/Domain Managers and End Users do not have access to this feature.

2. Click the “View Full Trace” Button that Displays in the Call Trace Modal.

3. Copy the Public URL in the Browser Navigation Bar

4. Paste & Submit the Call Trace URL to the Control Tower for Analysis in any of the following methods:

  • Open a new Support ticket thru your dashboard, include the Support Ticket Details and paste the URL link in the ticket body.
  • Attach the full call trace URL to the ticket body in an existing Support ticket.  It saves time and allows us to troubleshoot faster if you provide the URL to the full call trace instead of the CSV file. The CSV file contains the same data but has to be exported and imported into a tool to make the data easily readable.