The SkySwitch Reseller Dashboard is a Single Sign-On (SSO) portal that allows Resellers to access all of the SkySwitch systems from a single URL. Each SkySwitch Reseller will have a unique dashboard address, and each of Reseller's staff will have a separate login account. If you or one of your users has trouble accessing one of your products please contact

Logging into the Dashboard

The Login page for the SkySwitch Dashboard will usually be located at , where xxxxx is replaced by your reseller ID.

If there are other members of your team that need access to the dashboard, please see 'Manage Users' below.

Dashboard Home Page

The Dashboard Home page provides a snapshot of service counts, statistics and productivity tools in the following areas;

  • Registered Devices
  • Seat Counts
  • Telco Statistics
  • Group Mail Sender
  • Ping & Trace Route
  • Recent Tickets
Registered Devices

Registered Devices will show the total number of devices registered on your PBX(s). 

Note: SkySwitch does not bill user seats by registered devices, see the following link for more information: Web Centrex Billing Calculations

Seat Count

The Dashboard Home Page will display billable components of your SkySwitch white label UCC service. Each billable service type is identified in a column, and each column is divided into rows representing each of your domains. The total for all domains, which is shown at the top of each service type column, reflects the quantity that SkySwitch will use to bill you at the end of each month. Once the widget is fully loaded, you can click on numbers that are greater than 0 to see details about the resources that are being counted.


PBXCall CenterRecordingSIP TrunksMeetingManager RoomsVoicemail TranscriptionTelephone Numbers
Telco Stats

ASR = Answer Seize Ratio

ACD = Average Call Duration

MCD = Max Call Duration


Main Menu Bar

The main menu bar offers the reseller access to a snapshot of information and integrated portals for managing SkySwitch service offerings. The following selections are available based on the reseller's service agreements:

  • Manage DIDs
  • Manage Telco
  • Manage PBX
    • Manage NDP
    • Manage ReachUC
  • Manage Meetings
  • Quotes
  • QoS Monitor
  • User Profile (Avatar) with Sub-Menus
Manage DIDs

Please visit the Manage DIDs Portal page for more info on this dashboard tab.

Manage Telco

The Manage Telco page will open the SkySwitch XIPX system, which manages all calls to and from the PSTN (assuming that you are using SkySwitch for PSTN connectivity). For more detailed information on Manage Telco Please visit Managing the Telco Services Account.

Manage PBX (WebCentrex)

The Manage PBX menu items provide access to the Reseller login of the WebCentrex platform.

Manage NDP

NDP is an all in one Device Provisioning Server, here you can view and modify your devices. For more information please visit SkySwitch Provisioning Server (NDP).

Manage Meetings

Manage Meetings also commonly referred to as Meeting Manager enables white label resellers to offer cloud-based web conferencing services to business users.  It can be offered as a stand-alone service, or as an integrated part of the SkySwitch Web Centrex solution. Please visit the MeetingManager (Web Conferencing) page for more information.

QoS Monitoring - RTP Sight

QoS Monitoring Tools are a critical part of any telecom company, for more detailed information on RTP-Sight please see VoIP QoS Troubleshooting.

RTP Sight gives you a history on every call from you PBX, here you can access PCAPs (Packet Captures) for calls, view information about calls, and access a variety of QoS reporting tools to help you diagnose any issues on your own.

User Profile (Avatar) with Sub-Menus

The Profile Account Management section of the Dashboard is presented as a Drop Down menu beneath the logged-in User's name. The menu items are described in the table below.

ProfileAllows a user to manage Homepage view, dashboard widgets, password reset, Socket App Connections, user SMS profile, 2FA Login, One-Time Password, SSU & User Cache.
Reseller SettingsThis option will only appear for Company Admins. Create Company Managers & reset passwords, Manage API, Branding and view MSA Details.
EntitlementsManagement panel for ReachUC, SMS Auto Responder, vBroadcast & Button Builder
Billing ServicesReseller's end-customer billing services portal. For resellers with billing services riders only. 
SkySwitch Bill Center

SkySwitch billing portal -  Invoices from SkySwitch to resellers, manage credit cards, make payments, and view account history.

TicketsSelecting the Ticket menu item will take you to the SkySwitch trouble ticketing system. From here you will be able to submit new Support Requests, as well as view open and recently closed trouble tickets.
FormsVarious Forms such as BYOT request (Bring Your Own Telecom), Credit Card Authorization Form, e-Check Authorization Form, Letter of Authorization, RESPORG Forms, Directory Listing, and Outbound CNAM Order, and other various forms.
DiscussionsThis is a discussion forum for resellers to communicate about SkySwitch platform and industry related topics.
DocumentsRepository for SkySwitch Notifications, Announcements and RFO's.
HelpThe Help menu item will take you to the SkySwitch Documentation portal.
StoreSkySwitch Store for devices such as Fax ATA and SimpleWAN.
Log OutLogs the user out of the Dashboard.

Reseller Settings

Manage Users

If you are a Company Admin, you may add a Company Manager as a user to the Dashboard or set permissions for Company Managers within your organization.  To learn more please read the article Add,  Remove, or Modify Company Managers

$MSA Details

Company Admin resellers can view MSA pricing details by their active 'Service Riders'  and 'Download A-Z Rates'.   

Note: The $MSA Details section is still under development. Please send an email to '' if you have any questions regarding pricing or your Master Service Agreement.