SkySwitch offers both Inbound and Outbound CNAM options. This article contains information regarding Outbound CNAM, also referred to as CNAM Storage.

Outbound CNAM is also known as outbound CallerID. This process is not handled as one might expect in that the name is not passed on outbound calls. Instead, records (names) associated with telephone numbers are stored in a database. When a call is received from that number, a lookup is done to this database to retrieve and display the associated record. While it is possible to pass a name in the SIP Header in the From field, this information is irrelevant in effectively displaying the correct name on the receiving side of the call.

In order to enable CNAM Storage for a SkySwitch DID, you must download and submit the Directory Listing and Outbound CNAM Order form to the SkySwitch Control Tower (we are currently in the process of automating this feature).

It is important to note that displaying CallerID is the responsibility of the receiving phone company. For example, if you call a SkySwitch DID, it is the responsibility of SkySwitch to accurately display the correct record. Similarly, if you call a Verizon number, it is Verizon's responsibility to display the correct information. It is a common practice among phone companies to cache CallerID information. This means you may have differing results calling different destinations. The only way to correct a record you believe is incorrect is to open a ticket with the company receiving the call.

Check that an Outbound Caller ID is set for the user to ensure that the Outbound CNAM will be pulsed out.  To know how to set Outbound Caller ID go to the article Change Outbound Caller ID for instructions.