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SkySwitch provides Resellers with RTP-Sight a VoIP Monitoring and Troubleshooting tool to assist in the identification and correction of network conditions that may degrade the quality of VoIP calls. Using RTP-Sight, Resellers are able to

  1. View RTP statistics such as packet loss, jitter, and latency for each leg of a VoIP session
  2. Access PCAP files, which can be downloaded and analyzed using Wireshark
  3. Access call recordings in .wav format (for G711 calls only).

If you do not have a login to RTP-Sight, please send a request to support@skyswitch.com.

Please note that if you have asked to turn off RTP-Sight captures for a domain, it will not be possible to troubleshoot audio issues from our Network. All troubleshooting would need to be done from the customer's location.

Retention Period

RTP files stored in RTP-Sight are meant for troubleshooting purposes only. They are stored for 72 hours, and are not available for calls older than this.

View Call Details

Download Recordings

Recordings downloaded from RTP-Sight are segregated by the direction of the RTP. So when you listen to the .wav file you will hear only one direction at a time. To access both sides of the call as a normal conversation, download the PCAP file into Wireshark and listen to it using the RTP stream analysis feature.

View Statistics

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  2. Copy the resulting URL into a browser

  3. View the call statistics

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