SocketApp is a third-party quote tool that SkySwitch has integrated into the Dashboard and is provided at no charge. 

You can update your logo and company information by clicking on the Account Tab at the top.  Once added your Logo will appear on your Quotes as below.

Accessing Quotes

You access the SocketApp's Quote Tool by clicking on the Quotes tab across the top of the reseller dashboard. 

Navigating the Quote Tool Dashboard

Below is the Dashboard for the SocketApp Quote Tool. We will cover below the functionality of each of the items on the dashboard.

  1. New Quote: If and when you want to generate a new quote for a customer, the "New Quote" button is prominently displayed at the top of the dashboard. We will cover generating a new quote below.
  2. Analytics Options: You can use the "Analytics Options" drop drown to change the time frame in the "At A Glance" table and in the "Analytics" chart on the dashboard.
  3. At A Glance: The At A Glance will show you a summary of your quoting activity by showing the number of quotes, quotes won, quotes lost, your closing ratio, and inquiries. Please note inquiries although shown is a feature of the Full version of the Quote Tool.
  4. Analytics: In the Analytics chart you can toggle between "Amounts" and "Quotes," showing those charts based on the time frame set in the Analytics Options.
  5. Recent Quotes: Here you will see your 10 most Recent Quotes or you can click on "View All Quotes," which will take you to the Quotes page.

Generating a Quote

To generate a quote simply click on "New Quote."

The "New Quote" button will provide a pop-up window that allows you to choose Quote Template.

When you click on Reseller Quote you will be taken to the New Quote Form. The New Quote form has several different areas and we will cover them one by one below.

a. Prepared for: Fill in the form with the name, company, address, etc. of the person the Quote who is to receive the quote.

b. Add Cover Page: if you check the box next to Add Cover Page it will then allow you to fill in a Cover Page Tile field and Cover Page Subtitle field.

c. Add Introductory Section: if you check the box next to Add Introductory Section, this will allow you to add content that will appear after the Cover Page, and a page break will be added before the Quote pricing content is displayed.

d. Add Item: You will add monthly recurring and non-recurring products and services by clicking on "Add Item."

When you click on [Add Item] you will get a pop-up window. Our SkySwitch onboarding team can help pre-populate a list of existing products for you.  You can also add your own product or service you want on the quote by clicking on [Add New Item] link. 

Please see this article on Adding a new item:
Adding a Brand New Item to SocketApp

Manage Product/s & Service/s in Quote Form

Now once you have added the product/s and service/s that you want on the quote you are provided the opportunity to edit a particular product or service by clicking on the pencil next to the product name. You can also change the quantity of the product or delete from the quote altogether or as we will explain in the next section, apply any needed discounting.

Quote Discounting

The SkySwitch version of SocketApp provides for two types of discounting.

  1. Product Specific Discounting - on the Quote Form after you have added your product/s and or services/s you can click on the Apply Discount link at the bottom right on the specific product line. Once clicked this will introduce a drop down on the bottom left on the product line, as seen on the second product line below. The selections in the drop down will provide the means to apply a percentage discount or a discount amount to this specific product.
  2. Manual Total Quote Discount - below the product lines you then have the option to apply a manual percentage discount or discount amount to be applied to upfront costs only or to be applied to upfront costs and recurring fees.


The Comments section on the Quote Form allows you to enter an internal comment. Once entered, the comments icon in the Actions area on the Quotes page will turn green. This will allow you and your sales team to stay connected on quotes.

Appended Sections

Here you can add appended sections which will appear below the pricing table and can be used for various content, such as terms and conditions, agreements, or additional promotional content. It allows you to enter, text, photos, tables and HTML source giving you the ability to enhance your quotes, impress your customers, beat the competition and win the business!

Email Quote to Customer

The Quote Form gives you the opportunity to email your quote to your customer with cc and bcc capability. When you click in the box next to Email Quote to Customer will expand an email form.

NOTE: SocketApp provides 3 available accounts for your team to create quotes included with our integration package.  Additional team members can request an account as well for $15 each. Please email to request additional user accounts.

Apply Manual Tax Rate(s)

In this section, you can select to expand the Manual Tax Rates form in order to have the capability to add two taxes to the quote. The note specifies that these tax rates will override the default Tax Zone that would be normally applied based on the customer's location. However, in the SkySwitch version, this has been turned off. You can add these two manual tax rates to your quotes in the SkySwitch version which will be applied to items (product/s & service/s) set as taxable when added to the quote.

Apply Manual Shipping Amount

The last section on the Quote Form provides the means to add shipping charges to the quote. The note states that the manual shipping amount added will override the default Shipping Zone that would normally be applied based on the customer's location. In the SkySwitch version, this has been turned off. You can add shipping charges here if desired.

If you have completed creating the quote and customizing it then all is left is to click on the Get Instant Quote. This will create the quote, store the quote for further editing and management, and email the quote to the customer if you selected to email the quote in the form.

Quotes Page

The next link on the dashboard navigation bar is "Quotes." This link takes you to the Quotes page. The Quotes page allows you to generate a quote with the "New Quote" button prominently display as well as search and manage any existing quotes.

The "Find Quotes By" allows you to quickly find existing quotes by name, organization, etc.

The "Showing quotes with status any" allows you to find quotes by status like, pending, Ordered, Lost, etc.

The "With Selected" allows you to change the status of the quote quickly and easily from this page.

The quote entries on the Quotes page display different columns. Here are the first six column headings from left to right:

  1. No. (Number) - the system generates a unique number for each quote generated. If and when you edit a quote it will have a decimal point with an added number specifying the edit.
  2. Date - date quote was generated.
  3. Name - name of person addressed in the quote.
  4. Org. - company or organization on quote.
  5. Location - city of company or organization on quote.
  6. Quote Template - in the SkySwitch version, you can create multiple templates if you like.

Here are the next 5 column headings for the quote entries:

  1. Total - displays the total dollars for that quote.
  2. Recurring - displays the total monthly recurring charges for that quote.
  3. Status - displays the Status of the Quote, the drop down allows you to change the status of the quote. The choices are, Pending, PO Received, Ordered, Fulfilled, and Lost.
  4. Responded - allows you to set a visual mark that the customer has responded to the quote. It inserts a check mark in a green circle.
  5. Actions - allow you to view quote, email quote, edit quote, etc. and will be covered in detail below.
  6. Export to CSV - allows download of a CSV of the Quotes page.

Quotes Page "Actions" in more detail

  1. View this Quote - By clicking on the Magnifying Glass you View this Quote.
    When you click on View this Quote you get a pop-up window of the actual quote. As the note at the top of the pop-up states, this view is limited to the quote pricing information. It provides the ability to view a quote for error-checking purposes.

    If you want to see the quote as the customer, sees it, you can click on the "Download PDF" button at the bottom of the page.
    Note: SocketApp PDF  view has known issues in rendering pictures in CMYK format.
    Here is a screenshot of the PDF:

    If you want to jump to the Edit page to edit this quote then just click on Edit Quote at the bottom of the View Quote pop up window. As you can see this gives you the ability to edit the quote which includes all the fields available when you generated the quote originally. You also have a convenient button at the top of the page to go Back to Quotes.

  2. Email this Quote: the next item Action on the Quote page is the E-mail this quote.

    The E-mail this quote link provides a pop-up window that gives you the ability to email that particular quote.
    1. From Field: you can select from whom you want the quote to be sent.
    2. Recipients (COMMA SEPARATED) Field: here you can add as many recipients to receive the quote.
    3. CC (COMMA SEPARATED) Field: add anyone you want to cc.
    4. BCC (COMMA SEPARATED) Field: add anyone you want to blind copy.
    5. Subject: add a subject line for the email.
    6. Body: add a message.
    7. INCLUDE QUOTE PDF: here you can select to attach the quote to the email in PDF form.
  3. Edit Quote: the next Action item on the Quotes page is another quick link to the Edit Quote page by clicking on the pencil on that quote line.

  4. Public URL: the fourth Action item on the Quotes page provides a public URL link which downloads the PDF.

    You simply copy the link and provide it to whomever you wish to have the ability to download the quote. And then click on they will receive a PDF download of the quote.

  5. Comments: the fifth Action item on the Quotes page allows for the addition of a note/s or comment/s to be added to the quote for future reference.

    You simply add, edit, or modify your note/s in the provided pop up. When a note/s have been added to a quote the note/s icon turns to green.

  6. Delete Quote: the last Action item on the Quotes page is the ability to delete a quote. When you click on the "X" you will get a dialogue box confirming that you do indeed want to delete that quote.


Inquiries provide the ability to add a Quote Request Form online. This feature is only available in the Full version of SocketApp and has been disabled in the SkySwitch version.


The SkySwitch Quote tool allows you to store and manage the people that have been sent quotes. People are added to the people section only when they have been added to a quote form.


The Manage Section in the SkySwitch version has been disabled. The Manage Section is available in the Full version and allows you to add, edit and manage Quote Templates, Products, and Discount Codes.