There are three ways to send faxes with SkySwitch.

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SkySwitch supports faxing with a SIP ATA on a best efforts basis only!
Because fax machines rely on the analog representation of a digital signal (what you hear as a "fax tone") they are susceptible to deviations in the fax data transmission. In practice, this means that faxes are often interrupted by jitter and latency in the last mile (the portion of the call path between the switch and the end user's fax machine). This level of unreliability causes most VoIP service providers to avoid deploying faxes using SIP ATAs.
We strongly recommend that Resellers deploy faxing using the SkySwitch Instant Fax ATA or Instant Fax Portal services.

Use of the Instant Fax ATA requires you to purchase a proprietary fax ATA from SkySwitch. To place an order, please go to the SkySwitch Store available from the Dashboard Menu.

It is not possible to Fax on SkySwitch with a BYOT Number. The DID must be active through SkySwitch in order to use any of our faxing methods.

Comparison of Fax Methods

Instant Fax ATA
Instant Fax Portal
HardwareAny SIP Compatible ATA may be usedProprietary ATA must be purchased from SkySwitchNo ATA required
Cost to Reseller
  • Requires Standard PBX User Seat
  • Faxes incur standard Telco Usage charges
  • No PBX User Required.
  • ATA must be purchased, and a monthly charge per ATA applies.
  • Per minute Telco Services charge is applied.
  • Fax DID Add-On Charge
  • Per minute Telco Services charge is applied.
Supports Fax-to-EmailNoYesYes
Supports Email-to-FaxNoNoYes

Supports Standard Fax Machine

Yes, connected to ATA by RJ11 cableYes, connected to ATA by RJ11 cable
  • No, faxes are sent from Fax page of PBX User portal or email only.
  • Faxes may be received by email or viewed from Fax Inbox of PBX User portal.

Supports Fax Delivery Notifications

NoYes, delivery notifications are sent by email

Yes, delivery notifications are sent by email and inserted to PBX Fax Inbox page.

Reseller's Management UI

Managed from DID portal and separate Fax portal.

Managed from DID Portal.Managed from DID Portal.
ReliabilityLowMedium to HighMedium to High
Note: We have found Fax ATA outbound faxes to devices with a Fax 'Stick' can be problematic and require configuration changes to the receiving fax machine for successful transmissions at times.