If the phone number is not registered with an address in the E911 location database the call will be routed to the ‘National Emergency Services Call Center' without address information by default. This is highly discouraged by our E911 carriers, see 'Important Notice' below for fees.


It is the responsibility of RESELLER to ensure that all end users have correct 911 Caller ID information entered in the PBX portal with an address registered in the E911 location database. If this information is not entered properly, callers may not be able to dial 911 or calls will not be routed to the local emergency center.

In cases where a 911 Caller ID number is configured for an end user in the PBX portal without having an address registered in the E911 location database, then RESELLER will be charged $150 per call for 911 dialed calls routed the ‘National Emergency Services Call Center'.

Please contact support if you have any questions or are unsure of how to properly configure a phone number with 911 service.

Please reference our article on '911 & E911 Services on SkySwitch' for details on setting up and testing 911 services.