The Manage DIDs Portal is the new place to Manage, Purchase, and Provision new DIDs.

To access the Manage DIDs Portal, browse to the Manage DIDs option at the top of the reseller dashboard.


The inventory will show a list of your current owned DIDs. The table fields you see will be the same as the search results when purchasing a DID, with the addition of Services and Actions. Table Fields are listed below.

Table Fields

Phone NumberDisplays the phone number and Rate Center.
OriginThe Origin field will display either ulc (Underlying carrier) or stock (if the number is currently in the Skyswitch Inventory).
CarrierWill list the carrier where the DID presides

You will usually see A. Tier A, B, C, D costs will vary. Please check your MSA for pricing details.
T38The T38 field shows if the DID is capable of T38 for Faxing. We always recommend using an Instant Fax ATA instead of T38.
On-NetOn-Net will show a check if it is On-Net to the carrier. If there is no check mark the number is residing Off-Net on a different carrier, with a relationship to the carrier shown.
ServicesDisplays a button to show services. Including E911, CNAM, and PBX (routing).
ActionsThe Actions tab allows you to configure your DIDs. The four buttons are Edit Route, Edit CNAM, Edit e911, and Disconnect.
Bulk Actions

Actions can also be applied in Bulk, to apply single actions to more than one DID, use the selection column to the left side of the table, then use the Select Bulk Action drop down box.


Some resellers use BYOT (Bring Your Own Telecom). If you need to import your DIDs from another provider you can select the Upload BYOT Numbers button. You will be prompted to upload a CSV with a single column of phone numbers in the e164 format (including country and area code. Example: 17479005401.

Purchase Phone Numbers

The purchasing and ordering of phone numbers is discussed in detail in our article Purchasing Phone Numbers. The section below discusses the configuration, routing, inbound CNAM, and e911 for the purchased phone numbers.

Bulk DIDs

If you prefer to purchase a block of Sequential numbers or a large Bulk of numbers, please contact support with details of your request. Once support provisions the block of DIDs; you will receive an email confirmation that your DIDs are available in Reservations. Once you receive confirmation you will be able to view and purchase the DIDs in the Reservation tab in the Purchase Phone Numbers section. If you do not purchase the reserved numbers within two weeks, they will expire and disappear from your Reservation tab.


Once you purchase your DIDs, scroll to the bottom of the page and select Configure. The configure button will have a visual representation of the number of DIDs that you purchased. If you don't configure the DIDs right away they will be available to edit in your inventory.


After purchasing DID(s) the next step is routing. The DID(s) can be routed to a PBX, or to a Fax Service. Any numbers that you just purchased will be shown on the right side of the screen, you can select one or multiple DIDs at a time. This is helpful when routing more than one number to a particular destination.

  • To route to a PBX - From here you can choose the treatment of the DID as either for the use of a User or Conference.
    When treatment has been selected the selection for target User or Conference will be shown accordingly below the drop-down boxes for selecting the target reseller and domain.
    You can also elect to Route to a domain and user/conference later. You can enable the DID from here. If you want to know more go to our article Enabling or Disabling a DID.
  • To route to a Fax - Select the Fax tab at the top. You will have options showing Instant Portal Fax, Email, or Instant ATA. For information on faxing you can read the article Faxing with SkySwitch.
    • Instant Fax - Select the domain and the subscriber for the fax destination on Instant Fax. You can add more than one subscriber by clicking on the + button to the right of the Subscriber dropdown. The User you select will also see the fax via email if there is a valid email address in the subscriber destination.
    • Email - Select whether to send the Fax as a Link or Attachment to email and enter the email address. You can add more than one email by clicking on the + button to the right of the email entry box.
    • Instant Fax ATA - If you have a customer that must receive faxes via a traditional Fax Machine, use the Instant Fax ATA option. The Instant Fax ATA can be purchased from the Skyswitch Store.
  • To route as a Gateway - Select the Gateway tab at the top. Here you can select the Trunk Group option.
  • To route as a SIP Trunk - Select the SIP Trunk tab at the top. Here you can configure the options for the SIP Trunk.

Inbound CNAM

Choose whether or not you would like inbound Caller ID Lookup on the DID(s) purchased.


If you need to configure e911 for the DID you can do so in the next step. Make sure to enter the Street Number and Street Name separately. All fields except Location are mandatory. Click on Validate once the address fields have been filled, you should see a success message. If you receive an error- correct any mistakes and click Validate again, if you continue to see the error after verifying that all fields are correct- please contact support.

Porting Phone Numbers

Please refer to the following Page for information on Porting.

  • Local Number Porting Guide (LNP)

DID Reporting Options

Clicking on either report will start a CSV download.

* E911 Report

The E911 report will show all currently configured E911 numbers and their respective E911 information that was entered.

* Phone Numbers Report

The Phone Numbers Report will show all currently owned DIDs, as well as Rate Center, Origin, Type, Carrier_ID, Tier, T38 capability, if it is On-NET or not, and if sms, cnam or anti-spam(Nomorobo) is enabled.