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 BYOT  Request

LINK: To request interop with your own carrier for Origination or Termination.


 Credit Card Authorization Form  

Complete this form if you are having trouble using the online payment pages.   We will use it to process your payment requests manually.

 e-Check Authorization Form

 LNP Letter of Agency (LOA) - do not use for Toll Free  

Complete this form to port a phone number to your SkySwitch account. Please be sure to send a copy of a current phone bill for each number that you wish to port.  In order to avoid the most common causes for delay, be sure that your bill copy includes: Phone Number, Customer Name, Billing Address, Current Phone Service Provider, and Account Number.  There is a charge for porting numbers.   Supporting documentation should be sent by email to the Control Tower by email to  Please be sure to include your SkySwitch Reseller ID with all submissions. 

 Toll Free RESPORG Form

Complete this form to port Toll FreeNumber/s.  If you use your own RESPORG Form it must list our Toll FreeResporgID:   AUA66

 Directory Listing and Outbound CNAM Order

Complete this form if you would like to have your phone numbers listed with directory information services (411).  There is a one-time $7 charge associated with Directory Listing.  

 Yellow Page Header Section Codes

Use this form to identify the associated 5-6 digit YPH (Yellow Page Header) section code you want your listing to appear under.  



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