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If you are logged in to a conference bridge as a leader you can utilize various star code conference actions shown below:

Star Code
Application Parameter
[*]6Toggle Mute Toggle Mute On/Off
[*]32[+]Participant's numberAdd and Call Participant Call PSTN
[*]71Start Recording Recording On
[*]33[+]ExtensionCall Participant Add extension toconference
[*]73Stop Recording Recording Off
[*]74Dec Rx Gain Decrease volume toparticipant
[*]75ResetRxGain Reset volume to participant
[*]76IncRxGain Increase volumetoparticipant
[*]77DecTxGain Decrease volume toconference
[*]78ResetTxGain Reset volumetoconference
[*]79IncTxGain Increase volumetoconference
[*]91List Participants To announce the list of active participants
[*]92Toggle Announce On/Off Toggle Announcement On/Off
[*]93Disconnect All Disconnect All Other Participants
[*]94Toggle Conference Lock Toggle Conference Lock
[*]95Count Participants To announce the count of active participants
[*]96Mute All Mute All Other Participants
[*]97UnmuteAll Un-mute All Other Participants
[*]98Speaker Sign-On Sign-on as Speaker
[*]99Leader Sign-On Sign-on as Leader





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